Bespoke Business Growth Adviser

Small Business Help FAQ's

1) How can you help me and change my business ?

My advice is 100% bespoke to the individual business, I have proven systems to combat any difficulty that all companies may face, no matter what business sector you are in. This system combined with my business experience will provide you with the tools to learn how to change the business yourself. Some of these tools are common sense simple procedures and some are the latest internet marketing techniques available today.

2) Are you just going to boss me around ?

No, I will ask questions and we will discuss your business. You are the expert in your field and I will show you different business techniques that are all common to other successful businesses that can be adapted to improve your business.

  3) What guarantees do you offer ?

I can guarantee that my methods will improve your business. However, you will need to carry through your commitment of the tasks we set for the efforts to bear fruit. You will be amazed  how frequent, but small steps can make a huge difference to the bottom line of your business.

  4) How long would we work together ?

Usually a 3 month period is the minimum. However, and typically a 12 month period would see through massive changes and prosperity to a business. With this being a results driven arrangement, you may want to continue indefinately. If you are disappointed with the results then you are free to give notice on the arrangement at any time.

5) What benefits will i see?

This is a frequently asked question, the honest answer is that you can really get whatever you want from a business. Most people want help in establishing some sort of organisation or control, others want to grow the business. It can be difficult to see where and how the changes can possibly happen in your business, especially if you are working rediculous hours and have staffing issues. All problems can be overcome quickly and easily.

6) How can i get started ?

To enable us to start working together we would need to have an exploritory meeting to understand you and  your business. Either send me an email or call me to discuss a convenient time for you.